Traffic Control (R)

Course Cost: $200.00

The Traffic Control Course is made up of the following units:

RIIWHS205E – Control Traffic with Stop/Slow Bat

Please note: the QLD Dept. TMR Traffic Control Ready Reckoner ($30) is not included in the renewal/refresher course cost and must be paid prior to commencement of the course.

(Course Type: Renewal)

(previously known as Refresher)

 If you were looking for the Traffic Control New Entrants Course it can be found by clicking here.

A Traffic Controller is a person accredited under the Traffic Controller Accreditation Scheme, and authorised by the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland (TMR), to control traffic with a stop/slow bat. The Traffic Controller provides direction and signals to traffic on how to safely move through, past or around a site using hand signals and their stop/slow bat. The sites may include the following:

  • Roadwork sites where a road closure or part road closure is necessary, or
  • Other events on the road where a road closure or part road closure is necessary (construction projects, major sporting events, fun runs, etc), or
  • Other circumstances where traffic control is required on a roadway, as per TMR requirements



Approximately six (6) hours theory

Face-to-face theory is less than one day. The assessment is open book and will be completed gradually in stages as the day progresses.

Award Issued
Participants will receive a Statement of Attainment in the following units: RIIWHS205E – Control Traffic with Stop/Slow Bat.

Participants will receive the above once they have successfully completed the theory component and the simulated exercise, as well as providing the required evidence to demonstrate traffic control currency.

Participants will then need to apply at a TMR Customer Service Centre for a Traffic Control Industry Authority. Holding the Statement of Attainment in RIIWHS205E – Control traffic with stop-slow bat, is NOT a Traffic Control Licence (Industry Authority) in QLD.

There is an additional fee ($200) payable to TMR upon application for a three (3) year Industry Authority. There is also the possibility that they will do another criminal history check (this would incur additional cost).

Topics Covered
• Prerequisites for Traffic Controller accreditation
• Legal powers to control traffic
• Traffic Controller signage and signals
• Positioning for controlling traffic
• Planning and preparing for traffic control work
• Traffic Control Operations – procedures for two-way and multi-lane roads
• Emergencies and incident reporting
• Communications
• Worksite Clean up
• Accreditation

Additional Costs:

QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) require all RTO’s delivering this course to give each learner a Traffic Conroller Ready Reckoner. The cost of which is found in our AATC Student Handbook.



Participants must hold a current QLD Traffic Control Licence in order to complete the course. A General Construction Induction Card (White or Blue Card) will also be required prior to enrolling in this course. It is desirable that participants be able to communicate well and have sound literacy skills.

It is a requirement of TMR that Traffic Controllers renew their Industry Authority every 3 years. This is done by completing a renewal (refresher) course, and then reapplying for your Industry Authority with TMR.

Please note there are additional course details in AATC’s Student Handbook. Please ensure you have read AATC’s Student Handbook prior to enrolment in any course we offer. If you would like a copy of our Student Handbook please find it on our Terms of Use page here. If you would like a Student Handbook sent to you please contact us on (07) 3881 3008 or via email at

All students will be required to have a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) number prior to their attendance in the course. More information about USI’s can be found in our Student Handbook, which can be found on our Terms of Use page here.

If you were looking for the Traffic Control New Entrants Course it can be found by clicking here.


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