Traffic Management Implementation (R)

Course Cost: $200.00

RIIWHS302E – Implement Traffic Management Plans &
RIIRIS301E – Apply Risk Management Processes           
(Course Type: Renewal / Refresher)
If you were looking for the Traffic Management Implementation New Entrants Course it can be found by clicking here

The Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland (TMR) require people implementing Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS), that is placing temporary signage and devices onto QLD road, complete the RIIWHS302E course and refresh their knowledge via a renewal course every 3 years.



The theory component of the course is approximately 6 hours, with evidence of three (3) completed onsite set ups able to be provided prior to course attendance.

Onsite setups may be completed with AATC. We will ensure the setups are relevant to your workplace and conducted at a convenient time and location.

The trainer will take the learners through a PowerPoint display and assessment workbook. This will include group discussions, case studies, exercises and combined with two simulated class practicals, focuses on traffic management implementation in QLD. Participants will be given key items as takeaway materials.

The assessment is open book and will be completed gradually in stages as the day progresses. A 100% pass mark is required. Two (2) attempts at the theory component are permitted; trainer assistance is available for a second attempt.


Participants are required to complete three (3) x Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) set ups on “live sites” for the full course and a minimum of  two (2) for the renewal course. The TGS implementations are to be of a varying level of difficulty and different in nature, e.g. stop/slow, lateral shift, road closure, frequently changing, mobile works etc. A competent traffic management implementer (holder of a Traffic Management Implementation card) is required to sign off the participant’s paperwork.

AATC will facilitate the onsite setups upon request (a fee will apply, see our Student Handbook for more details).

The onsite setups must be completed and received by AATC within three (3) months of initial course date.

Award Issue and TMI Card

Once the learner has been deemed competent, prior to 1st Oct 2019 AATC will issue a:

Statement of Attainment (RIIRWHS302E) and,

Wallet sized QLD TMI card

From 1st Oct 2019 AATC will issue a:

Statement of Attainment (RIIRIS301E Apply Risk Management Processes),

Verification of Currency (RIIWHS302E) and,

Wallet sized QLD TMI card

NOTE: For TMI Renewal courses, from 1st Oct 2019 a copy of the Working in Proximity to Traffic (WPT) (Part 1 & 2) certificates must be provided to AATC prior to course commencement as they are a requirement prior to AATC issuing a QLD TMI card.




To enrol, participants are required to:

  • Hold a current QLD Traffic Management Implementation card or equivalent,
  • Hold a White Card (General Construction Induction Card) or equivalent and,
  • From 1st Oct 2019, participants will also be required to complete the following QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) eLearning courses prior to attending the “renewal” TMI course:
    • Working in Proximity to Traffic (Part 1)
    • Working in Proximity to Traffic (Part 2)
    • NOTE: These courses are completed online via the TMR website. Fees apply and are paid directly to TMR by the learner.

Participants who intend to perform Stop/Slow in addition to the ‘Implementation of Traffic Guidance Schemes’ will be required to complete:

  • RIIWHS205E – Control Traffic with Stop/Slow Bat (click here for more information), and
  • hold a current QLD Dept. TMR Traffic Controller Industry Authority


Prior to enrolling, all AATC learners will need to:

  • Meet AATC course participant identification requirements (refer to the AATC Student Handbook)
  • Have a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) prior to course commencement

Please note there are additional course details in AATC’s Student Handbook. Please ensure you have read AATC’s Student Handbook prior to enrolment in any course we offer. If you would like a copy of our Student Handbook please find it on our Terms of Use page here. If you would like a Student Handbook sent to you please contact us on (07) 3881 3008 or via email at

All students will be required to have a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) number prior to their attendance in the course. More information about USI’s can be found in our Student Handbook.

If you were looking for the Traffic Management Implementation New Entrants Course it can be found by clicking here.


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