White Card

Course Cost: $85.00

CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry

What is a White Card?
The white card course gives participants general safety knowledge in a construction context. Sometimes referred to as a general construction induction card, it is given to people once they have completed appropriate training through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Note: Once you have completed the course it is not necessary to renew your white card, unless, you lose the card, have not worked in the construction industry for 2 years or more, or, there is a legislative requirement to do so.

Who needs one?
The course is aimed at any person who intends to perform construction work. This includes general labourers, all the way up to supervisors and project managers. The course is recognised nationally and the physical white card that participants receive at the successful completion of the course is recognised in every Australian State and Territory.


6 hours

(Face to Face delivery only)

Award Issued
On successful completion of the course a Statement of Attainment will be issued to the participant (CPCCWHS1001), in addition to a physical White Card which must be signed by the participant.

Topics Covered
• Basic risk management principles
• Common construction hazards
• Measures for controlling hazards and the risks they pose
• Duty of care requirements
• General procedures for responding to emergencies and incidents
• Roles of specific WHS personnel
• Communication
• Personal Protective Equipment, Plant and Machinery etc


There are no prerequisites for this course however it is desirable that participants be able to communicate well and have sound literacy skills. Three forms of ID required.

Please note there are additional course details in AATC’s Student Handbook. Please ensure you have read AATC’s Student Handbook prior to enrolment in any course we offer. If you would like a copy of our Student Handbook please find it on our Terms of Use page here. If you would like a Student Handbook sent to you please contact us on (07) 3881 3008 (option 2) or via email at training@acquiredawaren.wpengine.com.

All students will be required to have a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) number prior to their attendance in the course. More information about USI’s can be found in our Student Handbook, which can be found on our Terms of Use page here.


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