TMI Renewal Course – Maryborough 29 October 2020

AATC are heading up to Maryborough this Thursday 29 October 2020 to train the TMI Renewal!

If you would like to enrol, or have any queries please contact us on 07 3881 3008 (option 2)

AATC Courses - Maryborough 2020

VMS/PTSS Traffic Courses – Now running in September & October 2020

Interested in VMS/PTSS? Acquired Awareness Training Centre has new course dates in September & October!

Run as a combination course for both units, please see below our next available course dates.

AATC Courses - VMS PTSS Sep-Oct

If you would like some more information or would like to book into these courses, please contact AATC below:
P: 07 3881 3008 (option 2)
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Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA) QLD Branch in support of Road Safety Week

John Cassel (GM of Acquired Awareness) acting as Vice Chair of the TMAA Queensland branch attended a site on the M1 yesterday in support of road safety week.

In attendance were Minister for Transport Mark Bailey, local member for McCalister Melissa McMahon and local member for Springwood Mick de Brenni.

The Minister for Transport discussed the governments road safety week initiative and the Connecting Queensland Project.

It’s wonderful to see the great support from government for road safety initiatives that support the safety of road users, road workers and traffic management personnel.

For more details about the road safety initiatives please see below.

Twitter video via Mark Bailey & Annastacia Palaszcuk

TMR Web Post

TMAA Facebook Post



AATC Traffic Control Courses – August 2020

AATC August 2020 Course Dates below!
If you would like to enrol, have any queries or are interested in Traffic Control and/or Traffic Management please contact us on any of the below methods:
P: 07 3881 3008
AATC Courses - August 2020

AATC – Gladstone Traffic Control Training July 2020

Are you around the Gladstone/Rockhampton/North QLD area looking for Traffic Control Training?

AATC are heading up to Gladstone this July 2020!

Please contact our friendly staff at AATC for any enquiries
P: 07 3881 3008 (option 2)

AATC Courses - Gladstone 2020

Traffic Control EXPERIENCED Ute Drivers – To Start Immediately


What we offer:

• We have an outstanding opportunity to offer experienced Traffic Control Ute drivers work in Brisbane and/or Gold Coast.
• This is an immediate start position that includes a take-home ute from our fleet of mostly newer vehicles, plenty of hours and good weekly pay with penalties.
• Our long-term contracts ensure ongoing, consistent work.

You must have:
• Experience on high speed roads
• Current QLD Traffic Control Industry Authority license
• Current QLD TMI accreditation card
• Current QLD driver’s license (manual is preferred)
• Construction White Card/Blue Card

If you are interested in joining our reliable, respected Traffic Management business and want to become a valued member of our AATM team, contact:
• Gold Coast operations 07 5665 7111 or
• Brisbane operations 3881 3008 and
• Email your resume to:

Covid-19 Border Closures – AATM

While COVID-19 restrictions are lifting, the NSW/QLD border closures remain in place.

Our AATM Team continue to work 24/7 assisting, as directed, to ensure the safety of all members of the public and help contain a “second wave”.

Keep up the great work!

For all your SEQ Traffic Control works, planning and implementing, message us.

We’re here to help.

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Training still going ahead

Hi All,

We are still open for business and are still training.

Regarding training, we have taken some necessary precautions to try and ensure the health and safety of our learners.

All of our upcoming course dates can still be found here on our website.

We would ask that anyone attending our upcoming courses continue to follow the governments advice regarding hygiene practices, in particular, hand washing.

If you are ill we ask you do not attend the course as you may be placing other learners at risk.


Using electronic devices whilst operating vehicles

A reminder to traffic controllers about the new rules coming into force on the 1st of February this year, regarding the use of electronic devices whilst operating a motor vehicle.

From 1st February 2020, the fines in Queensland for the above is a $1000 fine and 4 demerit points. If you commit the same offence within a 12 month period the fine for the second offence will be another $1000, but double demerit points (8 demerit points).

This will mean that even if a person has all of their 12 points, they would lose their licence for committing two of the above offence within 12 months (4 demerit points + 8 demerit points = 12 demerit points).

For more information on the upcoming changes see TMR’s website here.

If you (as the driver of a vehicle) find that you need to use an electronic device for work purposes (e.g. to record signage placement), you should:

  1. Alight the vehicle and stand in a safe location’ prior to using device or,
  2. Ask your passenger to use device.

If these options are not available and you decide to use the device while in the driver’s seat then you must:

  1. Pull over into a safe and legal parking area ‘clear of expected travel paths’,
  2. Put the vehicle into park / in gear with handbrake on etc,
  3. Turn the vehicle off, and,
  4. Take the keys out of the ignition

To ensure there is not a misconception you are using an electronic device whilst operating a vehicle, it is recommended that you exit the vehicle and move to a safe location before using the electronic device. The safe location would preferably be away from the vehicle.

In all situations the operator of the vehicle remains responsible for the safe operation of it and the payment of any fines for failure to follow any Department of Transport and Main Roads QLD (TMR) road rules.

Please note, we are currently seeking clarification from TMR on what may or may not constitute using an electronic device whilst operating a vehicle. More information to follow once the clarifications have been made.

TMR fact sheets

TMR have released a library of fact sheets for works on roads over the last number of years providing information to clarify misunderstandings or fill gaps in the knowledge of industry as a whole.

These fact sheets provide easy to read, relevant information for the traffic management industry in general and for traffic management designers in particular.

Vulnerable road users require special consideration at roadwork sites as changed conditions can seriously affect the ability for these road users to safely navigate through , with a recent release highlighting motorcycles. Previous fact sheets have also focused on pedestrians and cyclists (also considered vulnerable road users).

These fact sheets can be found on the TMR website or by clicking here.