Traffic Management Design


This QLD Dept. TMR non-accredited course was released in May 2015 and covers the development of TMPs and associated TGS.  It replaces the old QLD Traffic Management Level 3 course.  After the 30th June 2016 only those who have successfully completed the new Traffic Management Design course will be permitted to Design and modify TMPs and TGs in QLD.


The Traffic Management Design course covers the development of Traffic Management Plans and associated Traffic Guidance Schemes.  Topics covered include: TMP development, TGS development, Nominated Traffic Officer, Risk Assessment, Through Past Around Analysis and Roles and Responsibilities.

The course consists of two full days of theory, with in class activities, and a post-course assignment.  The assignment requires the learner to develop a TMP and associated TGS to the standards set out in the class and materials.  Learners have eight weeks post-course to complete the assignment. Though all learners will take different amounts of time to complete the assignment, a general guide on hours required is 40 .

Applicants are required to:
  • Engineers - must provide a copy of their current RPEQ or EA Card (or other formal, signed and dated documents that verify the authenticity and currency of the participant’s qualification)
  • All other candidates - must provide evidence demonstrating a minimum of two years Traffic Management Implementation (previously Level 2) experience. This may be achieved by providing a copy of a current TMI qualification and CV or Employer Letter demonstrating a minimum of two years’ experience.
  • Pass the pre-course Gating Questions (these are MUTCD knowledge questions) prior to attending course.
Learner Course Completion Rate
Please note, not all learners complete this course.
Employers are advised to choose the attendees carefully and send priority personnel first.

Fee Payment
Course fees are to be paid in full upon successful completion of the Gating Questions.

AATC will not refund course fees, charges or other expenses as per Student Handbook.

AATC will resolve disputes over learner outcomes as follows:
  1. Matter will be reviewed by the RTO Manager and the learner advised of outcome.
  2. AATC may, at its sole discretion, engage in a Peer review (of the learner materials)
  3. AATC may, at its sole discretion, refer the mater to TMR

Target Audience:

The Traffic Management Design course is for those who design or modify Traffic Management Plans and Traffic Guidance Schemes within the state of QLD. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learners who successfully complete this course will have a sound knowledge of the Dept. TMR (QLD) expectations regarding TMP and TGS design

Learning Methods:

Program Benefits:

  • Participants who successfully complete this course will hold the required qualification to Design and modify TMPs and TGS in QLD
  • Successful completion of this course enables employement as a Traffic Management Design professional within QLD


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