Does your company require Worksite Security to avoid damage?

One of the most effective methods for theft and damage prevention to sites and assets is that of static guards. Acquired Awareness Traffic Management Pty Ltd (AATM) operates a team of highly trained and fully licenced security personnel through our affiliated business Acquired Awareness Security Services Pty Ltd (AASS) to support our Traffic Management capability.  Staff specialise in ensuring sites exposed to possible theft or vandalism are maintained in a secure manner.

This is accomplished through regular patrols around the asset(s) or site(s) that are being secured and reporting anything out of the ordinary. All Acquired Awareness Security Services staff are trained and operate under current industry and legislative licencing requirements. All staff are also professional, competent, and reliable.

Our worksite security staff work in with client requirements and risk assessments for the sites and assets that they are guarding to best service our client’s needs. In addition, they also complete their own on the ground risk assessments to ensure the absolute best coverage is achieved. Through this our security officers are also made to be intimately familiar with the hazards and risks that are associated with the specific sites and assets they are guarding.

Acquired Awareness’ security officers don’t just ensure that the sites and assets they are guarding are kept secure, they are also proactive in their general duties. They are able notify clients of any potential issues that may arise regarding maintenance of equipment, to ensure the assets continue to function as required for the duration that AASS is in attendance.

If your company is looking for a little extra with the Traffic Management it is supplied, and has some sites and assets that need to be guarded against theft or damage, Acquired Awareness is able to safely facilitate this. Our staff are professional, competent and reliable, ensuring our clients peace of mind when sites and assets must be left over durations where the client will not be in attendance.

For enquiries regarding the Security services that we provide, please contact us on 07 3881 3008, Monday to Friday, 7:30am – 5:00pm.