Traffic Management Design

Initial Deposit: $199.00

NOTE: Full course cost $1,499 (GST free). The $199 (non-refundable) payment is only for the gating questions, with the remaining balance required  prior to course attendance. The same course costs apply for both full and attendance only course participants. See AATC’s Student Handbook on our ‘Terms of Use’ Page for more information.

The Traffic Management Design (TMD) course superseded the previous QLD Dept. TMR Traffic Management level 3 and Traffic Management level 4 courses. From 1st July 2016 anyone wishing to work in the Traffic Management Design or Inspection fields within QLD is required to have successfully completed the TMD course.

Required Knowledge
It is recommended that participants have a thorough understanding of the following documents:

  • Manual Of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Part 3 – Works on Roads (and AS 1742)
  • QLD MUTCD Part 3 Supplement Notes
  • MRTS02 (Technical Specifications and Annexure)
  • Traffic Management for Construction or Maintenance Work Code of Practice
  • Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM)
  • Traffic Controller Accreditation Scheme Approved Procedure (TCASAP) and,
  • A working knowledge of the Risk Assessment process and the role of the Nominated Traffic Officer (NTO)


Contact AATC for enrolment information. Important note, the Traffic Management Design course is offered subject to minimum participant numbers. AATC will endeavour to notify participants at least fourteen (14) days prior to course date should there be a delivery schedule change, however AATC reserve the right to cancel or move course dates at any time.

NOTE: Travel, accommodation and other course expenses remain the learners responsibility and will not be reimbursed by AATC. For further information regarding the AATC refund policy refer to the AATC Student Handbook here.

Attendance only enrolments are available, subject to the same enrolment process, costs, gating questions and course participation requirements. Attendance only participants are not required to compete the post course assessment. An Acknowledge of Attendance will be issued to participants who participate in and successfully complete all required course work.

Course Attendance
The Traffic Management Design course runs over two consecutive full days and participants should expect to be in training sessions from 0830 to 1700 both days

As this is an intensive delivery and a group activity based course, full attendance and participation is required (phones / texts / emails will need to be answered during breaks).

  • All ‘in-class’ resources are provided (with no requirement for a laptop or internet access) as is Morning and Afternoon Tea.
  • There are local stores nearby for participants who have special dietary needs.
  • Participants should wear smart casual attire with enclosed footwear.
  • On-street parking is available.


Important note: this course is QLD specific, non-accredited and not nationally recognised.

To participate in and successfully complete the Traffic Management Design program the learner will be required to:

Satisfy AATC’s enrolment requirements, book into a course and pay the required fees and charges
Successfully complete the pre-course Gating Questions

100% pass mark required
Two attempts are permitted

Successfully complete the two day face-to-face course

Full attendance of both days (two full and consecutive days) is required
Complete in class Traffic Management Plan, Traffic Guidance Scheme, Risk Assessment and other exercises to required standard

Successfully complete post course assessment

The learner has eight weeks from course attendance date to complete post course assessment
Assessment involves the development of a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan (including associated TGS and Risk Assessment) in accordance with the standards set out in the TMD course.
One resubmit is permitted, with a four week period allowed for the resubmission


Upon successful completion of all course requirements, AATC will issue the participant a Certificate of Completion and a wallet sized Traffic Management Design card #

Acknowledgement of Attendance letter may be available upon request, subject to conditions (refer to ++). Attendance only participants do not receive a TMD certification, TMD card or TMD card number and cannot sign off TMPs and TGS as a Traffic Management Designer.

++ From 1st September 2017 an “Acknowledgement of Attendance” letter is available to TMD course participants who wish to attend the course for general TMD knowledge only. To qualify for an “Acknowledgement of Attendance” letter course participants must have: met the TMD entry pathway requirements, passed the pre-course gating questions, paid all course fees and charges in full, attended all 16 hours the two consecutive days of face to face training and, participated in and passed all ‘in class work / exercises’ (to a level deemed by AATC, and at AATC’s sole discretion, to be satisfactory).



In order to attend the Traffic Management Design course, participants must meet the following requirements:

Entry Pathway
Initially, each participant must provide:

  1. A copy of a Government issued photo I.D (i.e. Driver’s licence) and,
  2. Proof that the Traffic Management Design course Entry Pathway requirements have been met:
    • Engineers (RPEQ, CPEng or Bachelor of Engineering from a University recognised by an Australian Engineering fraternity) – are to have a working knowledge of the MUTCD, MUTCD Supplementary Notes, Traffic Management for Construction and Maintenance Work Code of Practice, TMR Technical Notes and, provide evidence of their current RPEQ or CPEng registration (i.e. copy of RPEQ or CPEng membership card or Bachelor).
    • All other candidates – are required to provide evidence of two years’ experience in Traffic Management Implementation or the interstate equivalent. This may be demonstrated via a current Traffic Management Implementation card and supporting documentation to show at least two years experience (i.e. Employer letter, CV).

Payment of a $199 “Administration Fee” (non-refundable) is required prior to the release of Gating Questions (payment available via bank deposit or credit card over the phone).

Gating Questions:
Participants are required to achieve a 100% pass mark in the Gating Questions, with a total of two attempts permitted.  There are different Initial and Resit questions.

The Gating Questions (both initial and resit) must be received by AATC not later than three (3) business days prior to the course start date or enrolment will be cancelled.

Participants who do not achieve 100% on the second attempt may apply to re-enrol two weeks after being notified of the same; however acceptance of the re-enrolment will be at AATC’s sole discretion.

Upon successful completion of the Gating Questions, payment of the remaining course fees are required prior to course attendance.

Important note:

  • Course placement is not confirmed until this payment has been received by AATC.
  • Please select course date carefully, as enrolment dates are non-transferable.
  • Please refer to our Refund Policy in our Student Handbook for any refund information.

Maintaining Currency

Course participants are responsible for maintaining currency of their TMD skills, knowledge and competency. AATC recommends that each participant maintain a Continual Professional Development (CPD) Log sufficient to demonstration ongoing competency.

RIICWD503E Prepare Traffic Management Plans and Traffic Guidance Schemes
Available to TMD participants who successfully complete the AATC TMD course and gain a QLD TMD card, this course gives the successful learner a national unit accreditation in Traffic Management. Self-paced (expected 8 hours study), learners have 12 months from their TMD course attendance date to complete this workbook. Refer to Fees and Charges in the AATC Student Handbook for cost and contact AATC for details.

Please note there are additional course details in AATC’s Student Handbook. Please ensure you have read AATC’s Student Handbook prior to enrolment in any course we offer. If you would like a copy of our Student Handbook please find it on our Terms of Use page here. If you would like a Student Handbook sent to you please contact us on (07) 3881 3008 or via email at

All students will be required to have a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) number prior to their attendance in the course. More information about USI’s can be found in our Student Handbook, which can be found on our Terms of Use page here.