Acquired Awareness – Traffic Management

Acquired Awareness, are the leading provider of Traffic Management in South East Queensland. In addition we also offer Training, Plans and Permits, Equipment Hire and Security Services.  We currently service a number of major contracts requiring excellence in all forms of our work, ensuring our staff provide only the best in respect to quality assurance.

Since the company’s inception, Acquired Awareness has long stood as the first class provider of Traffic Management Solutions in South East Queensland. We have consistently proven that we are the best in the Traffic Control industry with our meticulous dedication to the principles of quality, professionalism, safety and innovation.

Additionally, we also offer a ‘one stop shop’ for all Plans and Permits which covers the full variety of the traffic planning process. We are able to deliver end to end processing which includes Site Visits, Traffic Management Plans (TMP’s) and Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS’s) as well as Permits.

Traffic Management Equipment Hire

Acquired Awareness also currently have a Training Centre, RTO# 40905, which provides Traffic Control, Traffic Management and General Construction related courses. These courses benefit the staff working within Acquired Awareness Traffic Management and align with current industry and legislative accreditation requirements. Furthermore, it allows people without the necessary qualifications to help break into the Traffic Control industry, to up-skill and be a part of safety on Queensland’s roadways.

If you are in need of Traffic Management equipment, Acquired Awareness also has a range of equipment that can be hired out to better facilitate the safety on traffic control sites. Our equipment includes, Truck Mounted Attenuators (Bump Trucks) and Variable Message Sign (VMS) Boards – including vehicle mounted VMS boards.

Lastly, we are also able to provide Security Services, which supplements the services already offered by Acquired Awareness Traffic Management, by providing static guards for sites or assets that need to be secured against theft or vandalism.

If you require any of the above services, please visit our contact page to help you get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully establishing a happy working relationship.