Traffic Controller Fatality

Sadly, a non-AATM Traffic Controller has passed away after being struck by a vehicle on 6th November 2017 whilst performing Traffic Control duty on the Bruce Highway (Sunshine Coast).  Our thoughts and condolences are with the Traffic Controller’s family and friends at this time.

This tragic event is a timely reminder to ensure you:

  • Always participate in the traffic control pre-works Risk Assessment, understand the identified hazards (site specific dangers) and the controls (how your worksite/tasks have been made safe)
  • Have an unobstructed escape route that leads to ‘a safe location’
  • Keep well clear of the ‘travel path’
  • Do not turn your back on approaching traffic
  • Have clear and concise UHF radio communications
  • Do not stand, walk or work in a crush zone (e.g. between traffic and work vehicles or plant, behind trucks, TC utes or other plant)
  • Do not reverse without a spotter

Have you become desensitised? Would you know if you are?

Completing the same tasks each day can lead to people becoming desensitised to how high-risk traffic control and other tasks are.  Do you find yourself doing any of the following:

  • Standing in the travel path with no stopped vehicles?
  • Not focusing on the high-risk task at hand?
  • On the phone whilst performing Traffic Control duties?
  • Are you following the TCASAP?

If you do believe that you have become desensitised to your work environment, you need to take a moment to stop and think about workplace dangers. Think about when you first started and how aware you were of your environment.