TMI and WPT combination courses

AATC will be offering the Traffic Management Implementation (TMI) course in combination with the Working in Proximity to Traffic Parts 1 & 2 (WPT). The courses will be run over two days. The TMI course being completed on the first day, and the set-ups followed by the WPT courses on the second day.

AATC are able to supply learners with a device in order to complete the WPT 1 & 2 on the second day, so they can send us the certificates for them, prior to them leaving.

For upcoming courses, group bookings, or to register your interest, please contact us on [email protected]

Truck Mounted Attenuator, Portable Traffic Signal System and VMS Courses

AATC have recently placed on scope the national units of competency for operating a truck mounted attenuator, operating portable traffic signal systems (PTSS) and operating a VMS sign.

The unit codes and full titles are below.

RIIRTM301D – Operate a truck or trailer mounted attenuator

RIIRTM202D – Position, set-up and operate portable traffic signals

RIIRTM201D – Position, set-up and operate a variable message sign

Course dates TBA.

If you are interested in completing any of the above courses please email us on [email protected] to register your interest.

We look forward to training you in these great new courses.

End of the year training for traffic control and TMI

We’re halfway through October already, where does the time go?

AATC are training almost all the way up to Christmas, so check out our course pages for upcoming dates that are nearest to you.

Traffic Control (TC) – New Entrants

Traffic Control (TC) – Renewal

Traffic Management Implementation (TMI) – New Entrants

Traffic Management Implementation (TMI) – Renewal

Don’t forget with the TMI course there is now a requirement for you to complete the Working in Proximity to Traffic Parts 1 and 2 (WPT).
More information on this can be found via our post here. Or via the TMR website here.

If you’d like to contact us with some questions about the courses or the WPT, please call us on 3881 3008 (option 2) or email us at [email protected]

TMI training in Maranoa and Bulloo

Another week, another successful TMI course delivered in a regional area.

Two weeks ago AATC ventured out to Roma to train learners from the Maranoa Regional Council and we will soon be training learners from the Bulloo Shire Council.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone across Queensland receives quality training, no matter how far they may be.

If you’re in a regional or remote area and would like us to come out an train your workers please contact us on 3881 3008 (option 2) or email us at [email protected] for information.

For general information about our courses, including upcoming course dates and locations, please see the links below.

Traffic Control (Full / New Entrant)
Traffic Control (Renewal)

Traffic Management Implementation (Full / New Entrant)
Traffic Management Implementation (Renewal)

TMI training in Childers

Acquired Awareness recently visited Childers, where we trained the Traffic Management Implementation (TMI) course.

With our training in Normanton (Far North Queensland), Barcaldine (Central Queensland), Mackay, and now Childers we continue our efforts to provide outstanding training to all of Queensland.

If your company requires Traffic Control (TC) or Traffic Management Implementation (TMI) training and would like us to come out, contact us on our details below.

For information about our upcoming traffic control, traffic management implementation and traffic management design courses contact us on 3881 3008 (option 2) or email us at [email protected].

Don’t forget we are now running our Traffic Control (TC) and our Traffic Management Implementation (TMI) courses in Ipswich.
This is on top of our normally scheduled courses in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Traffic Control (Full / New Entrant)
Traffic Control (Renewal)

Traffic Management Implementation (Full / New Entrant)
Traffic Management Implementation (Renewal)

Upcoming changes to the TMI course – prerequisites for renewals and full / new entrants

Please note that the Department of Transport & Main Roads have brought in some pre-requisite changes for the Full & Renewal Traffic Management Implementation courses. As of 1 October 2019, all learners completing the TMI course will need to provide the RTO with copies of the Working In Proximity to Traffic Part 1 & 2 certificates.

What are the Working in Proximity to Traffic courses?
These are online courses run through the TMR website, which have information relevant to anyone involved with works that is in close proximity to traffic.
As the courses are run through TMR, all fees are paid directly to TMR.
Information about the courses, and links to the courses, can be found on the TMR website here.

TMI Renewals will need to provide the WPT part 1 & 2 certificates prior to their course attendance, and TMI Full/New Entrants have 3 months from their course date to provide the RTO with those certificates.

*Please be advised that the RTO is unable to issue the Traffic Management Implementation card until we receive copies of those certificates.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact us on [email protected] or by calling us on 3881 3008 (option 2)

Don’t forget to book in for your TMI renewal or full courses! They can be found here (renewal) and here (full / new entrant).

Ipswich course dates in August and September

For August and September AATC will be running our TC course (renewals only) and our TMI course (both full and renewal enrolments) in Ipswich.

For each month we will have one TC course and one TMI course.

August TC Course: Monday   12/08/19
August TMI Course: Tuesday   13/08/19

September TC Course: Thursday   19/09/19
September TMI Course: Friday   20/09/19

Book in fast, because spots are sure to fill up quick!

To book in through our website:
– find the TC course page here.
– find the TMI course pages here (renewal) and here (full / new entrant)

You can also call us on 3881 3008 (option 2) or email us at [email protected].

New Vice Chair, QLD branch of the TMAA

Acquired recently had cause to celebrate when John Cassel, our Quality Systems, RTO & Compliance Manager, became the Vice Chair of the Queensland branch of the Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA).

John has put a lot of effort into the industry over the years and it’s great to see him rewarded with this appointment.

Please join us in saying a big congratulations to John.

Short-term non compliance at roadwork sites (during set-up & breakdown)

In TMR’s June Traffic Management Newsletter they have acknowledged that during set-up of a worksite there may be some short-term non-compliance with some MUTCD clauses. See below for what they have said.

During set-up and removal of traffic control devices at road worksites, it is acknowledged that non-compliances withsome clauses of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) will occur.

This can include, for example, when signs and devices are installed in one direction of travel, and not the other, offset speed zones will be created. While the MUTCD does not permit offset speed zones on two lane two way roads (other than at buffer zones), any such non-conformance during the set-up or removal process is not considered a nonconformance with the requirements of the MUTCD.

TMR encourages traffic control providers to minimise the set-up and removal times as much as possible, and proactively manage risks associated with any non-compliance.” – Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland, Traffic Management Newsletter (June 2019).

For the full newlsetter visit the TMR website here.




Handy links for the Traffic Control Course (Stop/Slow)

Are you booking into a Stop/Slow – Traffic Controller (TC) course with us and are looking for more information?

For those people thinking about completing the course and becoming a TC, we suggest reading the information on Transport and Main Roads Qld’s website here.

And don’t forget to read the information on the relevant course pages of our website:

Traffic Control Course Full (New Entrant)
Traffic Control Course Renewal

Finally, you should also read the information about the course in our Student Handbook, which can be found via our Terms of Use page.

We are of course always happy to answer any questions about the course which you may have, so if you do have further questions please contact us on 3881 3008 (option 2) to discuss.

We look forward to booking you into one of our upcoming TC courses!